Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How can I participate in the Student Exchange Program of the Faculty of Law, University of Chile?

Students from foreign universities that have subscribed a student exchange agreement with our Faculty may participate in our program. Depending on the agreement, the student may enroll courses at our Faculty or make an academic visit. It is important to remark that the home university is responsible of the nomination to enroll in our program.

What steps I have to follow to be accepted in the exchange program?

In first place, your home university must nominate you for the exchange program at Faculty of Law of Universidad de Chile. In second place, you must complete the application form available online (.doc), and send an e-mail with attaching all the required documentation specified in the form. Once the documentation is received and analyzed, the Direction of International Relations of Universidad de Chile will send to the corresponding persona in charge at your Faculty an acceptance letter. If required, a copy of the acceptance letter can be sent by post mail.

What are the language requirements?

It is required oral and written fluency in Spanish.

What are the deadline dates for applying to the exchange program?

Applications must be sent until the 15th of December of each year (for first semester, March-July approx.) and until the 15th of June (for second semester, July-December approx.).

Which is the duration of the exchange?

As a general rule, exchanges are for one academic semester. It is important to remark that sometimes the dates of beginning and end of a semester at Faculty of Law Universidad de Chile are not coincident with those established at your home university.

Is any payment or fee required to participate in the exchange?

As a general rule, students admitted for exchange programs must enroll and pay the corresponding fees at their home universities. This subject matter must be analyzed according to the corresponding exchange agreement between universities.

What expenses must be taken into account when planning a student exchange?

Our Faculty does not cover the expenses of the exchange, which must be fully covered by the exchange student. The following expenses shall be covered during the exchange:

  • Student visa
  • Air ticket and fees
  • Medical insurance
  • Meals and accommodation expenses
  • Books and study materials
  • Transportation expenses in the city