Student exchange program

Our Student Exchange Program allows undergraduate students from foreign universities that have subscribed an exchange agreement with the Faculty of Law of the University of Chile, to study one academic semester at our Faculty or to visit our Faculty.

The program intends to offer the opportunity to students from foreign universities to acquire academic experience at our Faculty. It is important to remark that participating in the Student Exchange Program does not lead to an academic degree or professional qualification awarded by the Faculty of Law of University of Chile.

Foreign students who are interested in a student exchange at our Faculty must be proficient in Spanish language.

The application documents must be sent until November 15th each year for enrolling for the first semester (March - July approximately) and until May 31st for the second semester (July – December approximately).

The application process requires completing this application form, and attaching to the e-mail the following documents:

  1. Nomination letter from the home university.
  2. Official grade transcript (if it is written in a language other than Spanish or English it must be translated).
  3. Motivation letter in Spanish explaining the reasons for applying to our student exchange program.
  4. Copy of valid Passport.
  5. Copy of an insurance policy/certificate that indicates the period of coverage (if it is written in a language other than Spanish or English it must be translated).
  6. Digital photo with the following characteristics: it must not be scanned; it has to be a digital photo, white or ivory background, colored photo; framing only the face; no shadows or reflections. Do not include your national ID number.
  7. Language certificate (requirement only for students from universities with an official language other than Spanish). It is recommended a level B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.